Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hypothetically Speaking... It's Wednesday

Those who know me know I love a good hypothetical question. I love discovering where people stand on gray issues. Asking these types of questions often leads to deeper conversation and better understanding of a person's philosophies, beliefs, and reasonings.

Today is Hypothetical Wednesday and so I challenge readers out there to take the risk and answer me this:

Would you rather be moderately wealthy from the art you create (e.g., acting, writing, painting, photography, singing, software design, etc.) and be known for it in this lifetime, or would you rather become part of the canon for instruction in the future and globally famous but only after your death?


Would your answer change if you knew that you'd get a Nobel prize or Pulitzer posthumously?

I look forward to hearing the results!

Photo Courtesy of Flickr's purple.glasses.


  1. Although it sounds great to be remember posthumously.... I think being known for what I do would be cool to experience while I am alive. Money isn't the most important thing, but to have my work appreciated while I'm alive would be pretty awesome.

  2. *laughs* I hear ya. I think I would choose moderately wealthy. I think my kids and grandkids might benefit from an estate born of my writing if I chose to be known posthumously, and that is tempting, but I do so love to spend money now...

  3. Agreed, my kid would sorely miss me, but would enjoy buying all of the video games/candy/trips to china he could (to learn karate).

  4. Video games, candy, and karate. That's a good day's agenda in my book.

  5. That's his ideal day, I swear. hahaha. Maybe add a movie in there too.